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Bathroom Remodel FAQ

Bathroom Remodeling

How long does a project take?

Of course, it will depend on your project. Consider the following estimates a good general rule of thumb:• Make-overs – 1 to 2 weeks.• Bathroom additions – 3 to 6 weeks.• We commit to a guaranteed finish date when the contract is signed. We’ll stick to it. How big will the mess be? See more here

We are concerned about your privacy. As a result we respect your property by: laying down clean tarps where needed, removing pictures, etc. that could fall off the wall, using a ventilation fan when a window is present, clean dust and vacuumwork spaces and traffic areas daily, and on the final day of construction we clean the bathroom completely. Shoe-covering booties are standard issue prior to entering your home so dirt and dust will not be being tracked through your home. I’ve had less than friendly workmen in my house before. What is your staff like?

You will find staff and subcontractors coming your home will be friendly and helpful in answering all of your questions. Ill-tempered subcontractors and workers are not allowed on our jobs.Should I budget beyond the contract price?

“NO SURPRISES” is our plan. We guarantee our quote. Our final contract price will never be altered regardless of any surprises occurring during construction. Only additional work requested by you will alter the price.Are references available?

Our entire customer list is available to you. What kind of warranty do you provide?

Our general warranty is for one year after completion of the project. However, we recommend and install materials to last for a very long time. We have and will extend our warranty based upon common sense and in the best interest of the customer.Are you insured?

Yes – when we meet we will provide all of the needed documentation.Are applicable permits paid by you?

Yes. Can you work with handicap accessible bathrooms?

People are living in their homes longer than ever. Aging homeowners and those with disabilities require unique designs and fixtures. We work with our clients to ensure hardware, cabinets, fixtures and mechanical systems are designed to their requirements. We enjoy the challenges of designing and constructing bathrooms for today (and tomorrow).Do I have to move out of the house during the construction process?

No. If this is your only bathroom we will guarantee an operational toilet at the end of each day. After the first day, in most cases, we can also promise you a tub to use. “We are really pleased with the bathroom. We possibly will want to do a basement bathroom next year.Will contact you when we are ready.”Juanita – Madison“I am very pleased with my bathroom design and thank you and your fine crew for getting the renovation done so well and so speedily.”Maynard R. – MiddletonRead all testimonials
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