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Pastor Thomas Rusert is seen in local coffee shops offering prayers for people who are in real need. He is seen at the local coffee shop every Thursday morning indulging in coffee and prayer. He commented that he is happy by the way the prayer works for people. He is happy to remain as a pastor and work for people to connect with God.

The free prayer program was started during the last summer. It was said that the pastor spends most of his time outside the office. Pastor Thomas Rusert is doing the job quite well, and he has brought happiness and peace to thousands of people he meets every day.

He has shared his experience in one article stating why he liked to offer prayers, especially in the coffee shop. He has written that it is important to move on the real sides of people to take care of them. And while doing such way, he added God will take care of us.

The preacher told that he was a bit scared when he started a coffee shop in a local colony of Panera Bread. He was even afraid to make eye contact with the people. He spent hours involved in a book.

But after a few months, Pastor Thomas Rusert told that he got the courage and started to several customers at his table. He was meeting strangers from various parts, and there were expecting him to show his care. The conversation may sometimes last for about forty-five minutes. It always remained as an open chair and free invitation to prayer. He had met several people like Starbucks manager, Dunkin Donuts owner, and other people with severe medical conditions searching for cure and treatment.

He added that any people can come for free prayer. As they are visiting a coffee shop, it does not mean they have to drink tea or coffee. He is ready to pray for people at free of cost. Pastor Thomas Rusert told that he was trying to bring confidence and courage to people through God’s words.
If you are traveling or passing through a rough phase of life, ensure to visit the coffee shop located in Pennsylvania, United States.

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