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About four people were injured recently in the Machete attack. It happened at one of the restaurants in Ohio. On Thursday night, when the police officials were about to catch the suspect, four people were injured.

The incident exactly happened at a Mediterranean eatery – Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus. The police officials said that there was an unidentified person entering into the restaurant. He seemed to discuss with one of the hotel’s employee and had left.

After half an hour, the suspected person returned to the hotel and moved towards the man and woman who were sitting close to the entrance and did his rampage.

One of the restaurant patrons – Karen Boss told the news channel that the person had come and showed his vengeance to the person sitting in the hotel because of personal issues. He did not expect the unknown man to hit all the customers sitting in the hotel. The people were bleeding due to his bad behavior.

The man escaped in a white car in few seconds from the scene. The police started to chase the vehicle and followed him on the road for few miles. When the suspect came out of the car, they were unsuccessful to catch him and use a gun on the person. It is how the officer killed the person within a single shot. It is not clear how the person has been attacked in a fraction of seconds.

Weiner said that there is no clue or hint where the person is going or whom he was after. His activities remained totally clueless and were not sure whether he did on his own or for another person. It was a random attack, and there is nothing sure to believe about the scene and attack. The FBI have started to investigate the case. They are searching for the background and intention of the person to approach and beat the people in the hotel. Weiner told that nothing is clarified still, and they are not sure about the reason. The four victims attacked by the unknown person was taken to the nearby hospital for treatment. They are predicted to survive.

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