Due to their significantly larger size and weight, trucks involved in accidents are more likely to cause more severe physical damage, more acute injuries, and a higher likelihood of fatalities. Common injuries include head and brain injuries ranging from penetrating wounds to concession, neck injuries, amputation of limbs either in the accident itself or because of substantial injury, broken bones, fractured skull, internal organ damage, and traumatic brain injury. All of these injuries or a fatality can be catastrophic for the victim or their family and cause great strain when added to filing a claim for the accident. Seeking out the help of a truck accident attorney will allow you and your loved ones to focus on the challenges of recovery.Truck accident lawyers

Needing to determine the cause of the accident can further complicate seeking compensation for a truck accident. Accidents involving large trucks can be caused by a number of factors in addition to the ones associated with passenger vehicle collisions. Like with all collisions, truck accidents can be caused by speeding, distracted drivers, drunk driving, and bad weather. They can also be the result of improperly packed cargo, a tire blows out, exhausted drivers, brakes or a hitch giving out, poor or negligent maintenance, or inadequate training the driver received.

The Texas Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) enforce laws and issue regulations related to trucking and knowing if any violation of those laws occurred will critical when filing a claim for a trucking collision. More here @
Given all the potential causes of a trucking accident, it can be extremely difficult to determine what parties should be held responsible for the collision. Responsible parties may include the driver, the trucking company, the maintenance provider, the company who hired the truck, and possibly the company that trained the driver. It might be necessary for anyone filing a personal injury or wrongful death claim to consult with experts on the trucking industry to determine which groups are culpable for the accident. Hiring a law firm with experience in expert testimony, trucking industry practices, and personal injury or wrongful death claims will help ensure that the proper organizations are held responsible.

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