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Doctor Performing Oral Surgery on Newborn by Mistake Accused by Parents

A newborn’s parents of Tennessee said that while they were still in the hospital, their infant was mistakenly operated.

Nate’s mother Jennifer Melton said Nate Harper was born on December 16, at University Medical Center in Lebanon, Tennessee. Melton said he was taken away for a routine physical a day after his birth by a nurse, but nurse started conversing a procedure called a “frenulectomy” when she brought him back. Clipping the base of the tongue to let babies feed more easily is the procedure engaged for outpatient.

Since Nate just thought to get a physical, asked the nurse what procedure she was talking about Melton said. Melton and Domonique Harper, her husband, released medical records stating that the attending doctor completed the procedure after he discussed it with “the parents of a different child”, he wrote. In the notes he had called to apologize for his “mistake” the doctor wrote.

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